Travel documents

Travel documents and crossing the border

Travel documents and visas

• Accordng to the Serbian government desicion (of May 2003), citizens of the EU can enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia and stay there for 90 days in a 180 days period without a visa.

• Citizens of the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland can cross Serbian borders with a valid passport or an ID card. The ID is sufficient for a stay up to 90 days in a 180 days period. Idetification with an ID card instead of the passport does not mean, that the ID card will be accepted at banks, institutions, insurance companies and travel agencies.

• Minors can cross the border on the basis of a valid passport or temporary ID card.

• Pets can cross the Serbian border based on the veterinary certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian (in Poland you can find such veterinarian at the Veterinarian Township Inspectorates – Powiatowe Inspektoraty Weterynarii). The certificate needed is available here. The animal laso has to have a chip and a passport.
Travelling with a car
• You do not need a green card for your car to enter and travel around Serbia.

• The Republic of Serbia does not have vignettes. For using highways you must pay a fee at the exit point of your journey. Cards are accepted.

• You must use winter tires in the period between 1.11. to 1.4. and in mountain regions you must have chains for the wheels as well.

customs cash limit
• You can’t take more that 10.000 euro in cash out of Serbia. Higher amounts must be reported before you enter Serbia.

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